The China Field Epidemiology Training Program for Veterinarians (China FETPV) seeks to improve animal and public health using scientific and risk based approaches to the control of transboundary animal diseases, emerging infectious and zoonotic diseases. The program provides training that will benefit the economy, the community and agricultural producers, including smallholders, by improving the knowledge, expertise and experience of veterinary field epidemiologists.
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What is Field Practice

By using the in-service training model, China FETPV contributes to improve government services on animal health through those functional professionals (trainees). Trainees are required to conduct field practices while working for their employers, i.e. government veterinary departments. In this way knowledge and skills learnt in formal training are put into use for immediate impacts.

Chinese Trainers:

Chinese trainers have an ongoing role national mentors to provide technical guidance to trainees’ field activities.

Local Advisors:

As the supervisor of the trainee’s field practice, the local advisor is to provide technical guidance and administrative support to FETPV trainees’ field activities.

Snapshot: Trainees' Field Practice

Dr. Fan Zhongxin and Dr. Huang Jianlong were the other two graduates of China FETPV 1st cohort from Hunan Animal CDC. In May 2012, they received information from the Hunan Center of Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) that 11 human cases of Brucellosis had occurred in a county with about 1.3 million populations in central Hunan. In collaboration with Hunan CDC, the two epidemiologists conducted a joint-investigation. Human cases were identified and the outbreak of brucellosis in goats was confirmed. Applying the outbreak investigation theory in the field, they were able to identify the source of infection which was from goats being moved to the area without properly quarantined. After scientific investigation, they provide suggestions on Brucellosis prevention and control measures to local farmers and veterinarians, thus protected the human health and local livestock.

The Rabies is one of public health challenges to some south provinces. Dr. Huang Cheng, the graduate of China FETPV from Chongqing Center of Animal Disease Control (ACDC), chose to response this challenge in his field practices. With the epidemiological knowledge learnt, he helped the local ACDC improved its rabies surveillance plan to better detected disease. Moreover, he also facilitated the collaboration between local animal health sector and human health sector on rabies control. Due to his efforts, the local ACDC and CDC conducted joint rabies control awareness campaign in early 2012, and it is the first time a joint-action on rabies control by the public and animal health sector in the county.