The China Field Epidemiology Training Program for Veterinarians (China FETPV) seeks to improve animal and public health using scientific and risk based approaches to the control of transboundary animal diseases, emerging infectious and zoonotic diseases. The program provides training that will benefit the economy, the community and agricultural producers, including smallholders, by improving the knowledge, expertise and experience of veterinary field epidemiologists.
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China FETPV 9th Steering Committee Meeting


China FETPV 9th Steering Committee Meeting was successfully held on Dec 3rd, 2013 in Ministry of Agriculture in Beijing. SONG Junxia, ZHAO Xiaodan, XU Tingeing from Veterinary  Bureau, KANG Jingli from CAHEC, John Edwards, GUO Fusheng, TANG Hao from FAO and George Conway from USCDC attended the meeting. The meeting has come to an agreement on important issues for the China FETPV 2014 action plan (Appendix I), including: 2nd Cohort training modules, 3rd Stakeholder Meeting, FETPV-E, Veterinary Epidemiology Introductory Training for sub-regional (start from Northwestern Provinces), Veterinary Epidemiology Training for University Faculties, Joint field mentoring by Chinese Trainers, VB, CAHEC and FAO, FETPV 3rd Cohort and Scientific Workshop. The participants also discussed key issues on long-term development of the program and veterinary epidemiology in China, including: Chinese Trainees Management, More Field Practice Opportunities, Facilitate Provinces to launch their own Basic Epidemiology Trainings, Resource mobilization, Joint-Course with CFETP, Gradually shift over responsibilities of project management to Chinese counterpart. In the end of the meeting, VB addressed two expectations for the FETPV in the coming year: 

a) Increasing attractiveness for the provincial institutions and engaged more commitments from them;

b) Putting more emphasis on sustainability development of the program.