The China Field Epidemiology Training Program for Veterinarians (China FETPV) seeks to improve animal and public health using scientific and risk based approaches to the control of transboundary animal diseases, emerging infectious and zoonotic diseases. The program provides training that will benefit the economy, the community and agricultural producers, including smallholders, by improving the knowledge, expertise and experience of veterinary field epidemiologists.
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29 Trainees Graduated from the China FETPV 2nd Cohort Introductory Course


Group photo for the China FETPV 2nd Cohort Introductory Course.

29 China FETPV trainees successfully completed the 4-week China FETPV Introduction to Veterinary Epidemiology Training Course and graduated on 15 December, 2012. The 4-week introductory course was jointly delivered by international and Chinese trainers from the RVC (Prof. Dirk Pfeiffer, Dr. Javier Guitian and Dr. Julian Drewe) and CAHEC (Dr. Wang Youming, Dr. Shen Chaojian and Dr. Wei Xinjie). Throughout the course, international trainers provided mentoring to Chinese trainers. It was the first step in training and engaging the Chinese trainers. This is a good start for the roll-out of national expertise to assist with the long-term sustainability of the China FETPV. The next two-year China FETPV training program will commence in March 2013.